Blogs as media dinosaurs?

Point: What will happen to blogging now that the media is opening its arms to these "sources"?

For the 2004 election, the TV networks put cameras in Bloggers' homes for their live reactions to the presidential debates. Do you hear the death knell of Blogging as a fresh and unfiltered emerging media channel? I couldn’t listen to the Bloggers named Wonkette and Powerline on one network because I was too distracted by their Apple wireless notebooks on their laps. When does the notebook's top panel become a billboard like the signs behind the batter’s box in baseball?

NOTE: This blog does not cover the PR industry's role in the media and its audiences. For that, we recommend Steve Rubel's MicroPersuasion blog. Also, thank to Steve for this link to Frank Baranko's views on blogs' media attention despite tiny audiences.

So, if Blogs are going to evolve and converge/merge into the mainstream media, how do we know something else is coming? Simple. Look at business communications, where digital media first appeared, and where email first took hold. At the recent Web 2.0 conference, the blog BuzzMachine provided the following snippets (some paraphrased by us):

“… business communications software has failed us. 90 percent of collaboration is done with email; in business, knowledge management software goes unused by most. We need simple, bottoms-up tools to let the people all join in.”

“These tools will go a long way in bringing this new grammar of interaction to business and then the world.”

“On the horizon: "Innovation in assembly in the media world" O'Reilly explains as an example his new company that allows users to deconstruct and reconstruct text books.”