Sifting blogs

UPDATE (Nov. 26): Bloghorrea takes me to task for the following post. My only defense: As a sifter, sloppiness in 'getting it' within a few seconds on a Web page and always typing perfectly spelled words seems to come with the behavior. At least in my case. And why haven't I turned on comments yet? Two words: Lazy & cogitating. Lazy in trying to maintain time-control of this blog around my other work. Cogitating is that I have a concept for a slightly different use of Comments that I'm knocking around.

The site Bloghorrea takes issue with blogs that sift through other blogs and blog their interesting discoveries. We disagree. The activity is normal for a social network in which members discover and share with one another. I would ask this blogger: What's the alternative? Blogs that only link to non-blog sites such as media, non-profit and e-commerce sites? How time efficient would this be?