Glancing at the TV now and again

The semi annual BIGresearch's Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM V) results point to continued problems in capturing the time and attention of audiences. Joe Pilotta of BIGresearch said various combinations of media consumption simultaneity has resulted in a decline of time spent with TV (- 2.5%).

Key findings from the study include: When watching TV...
• 66.3% regularly or occasionally read the mail.
• 60.1% go online.
• 55.0% read the newspaper.
• 51.8% read magazines.

The online figure is most interesting to us because it means the viewers either have wireless notebooks, media center PCs with wireless keyboards, or they are sitting at desktop PCs in the same room with a TV. Each of these activities goes against the notion of how most television viewing takes place in the family room.