But what about news from the nation? The world? My city?

Even with 'Personal Content' filling audiences' media consumption time, won't the media industry still need to feed us news from elsewhere? Probably. But consider a colleague of ours, a man in his mid-40's. When asked how he gets his news today, he said: "I read only the headlines in 5 minutes with the paper at home before work. I click into Google News a couple of times during the work day and rarely read past the headlines. I never watch news on TV. And, if I have time in the evening, I go back to the paper or the Web to dig a little deeper on a story, but usually only when someone I know mentions story details that pique my interest."

How attractive is this subject to media advertisers? Probably not very. How many like him will we see in the near future? 10's of millions. And, separate world and nation's news from other media content, such as lifestyle content. What is future of the lifestyle media? We'll be examining and experimenting in this area with J-School students today.